Interactive Typographic Installation

Medium: Cement on styrofoam
By: Su-Lynn Goh, Shawn Wee, Hasanah Affendi, Adrian Arman


What is next to vermillion turns red, what is next to ink turns black.

This phrase is an abstract explanation on what influence is; you become who or what you associate with. Influence can be defined as the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, and opinions.

Influence is a 2-way process. The phrase “You Influence Me” can be interpreted in 2 ways; it allows the viewer to determine its final outcome of the installation with the use of red or black stickers, also while the viewer influences the installation, the existing arrangement of colours on the artwork will influence where the viewer will paste the next sticker.


In order for the installation to become part of the wall, the letters were created in styrofoam and coated with a layer of cement. The decision to use styrofoam as opposed to wood is to reduce the weight of the installation since it has to be hung on the wall. Viewers are allowed to influence the appearance of the typeface with the colored stickers.