Charlotte’s Web - Redesigned

Book Design
180 x 230 mm
English Language

Charlotte's Web is a famous novel about friendship, life and death. The book cover is redesigned in hopes to gives the story a whole new perspective. Growth is a very prominent factor in the entire story. Growth comes in different forms, there is growing up and growing apart. The whole book design revolves around growing up and growing apart.

Charlotte's Web is a story about how a little girl named Fern, saved Wilbur, from the usual fate of nice fat little pigs with the help of a friendly spider, Charlotte. As Fern grows up and steps into her adulthood, she grew apart from the barn animals and visited Wilbur less often. The series of events that took place caused Charlotte and Wilbur to grow apart but he learns to grow up and be more independent.

This story reminded us that sometimes, growing up, makes us grow apart and sometimes, growing apart makes us grow up.


Growing up is an expansion in area beyond a boundary. The front cover of the book illustrates a circle enlarging and growing in size. It also takes on the silhouette of a spider’s body, representing both the concept of growing up as well as Charlotte, the spider.

Growing apart is an extension of space between two points, causing them to distant. As the sleeve of the book unfolds, the silhouette becomes two separate points which grows apart from each other.