Find The Good In Life

Social Campaign

It all started with the word Happiness. What is happiness to me? What makes one happy? And what about it that is so intriguing? To me, happiness is of utmost importance. I feel that happiness is the main drive for anything and everything in life. People do things for that feeling. We long to feel good. We will fight hard for it. Even in suicidal death; an escape route from sadness, is a pursuit of happiness.

Finding the good in life is an act of appreciation. By appreciating what we have, it makes us feel good. It does not require a lot, but merely attention. That being said, it is easier to be said than done.

This book is all about how to find the good in life, written based on personal experience, to be experienced.

One thing i realise is that very often, people only start to “look” for things or search and find when they are behind a set of lens. A set of lens that allows us to slow down and pay attention.

Find The Good in Life is about searching, finding and seeing things that are around us in our daily life, which we might have neglected, through a set of lens. It conveys the message through a series such as cards, poster and book, in hopes to bring up the issue of slowing down and paying attention.

Post Cards:

Using the concept of seeing things through a set of lens, these cards are designed to be transparent with different quotes about time and attention. When held against a background, for example a scenery, it allows the beauty of the surrounding to decorate the card. Doing so allows us to slow down and see more and at the same time, experience what we have around us.


This poster is designed with a circle in the center which represents both a clock and an eye. To pay attention and see things clearly, we need time. We have to slow down to see. The design aims intrigue viewer’s vision by playing with clarity and blur.

Book Design: