This year, IKEA celebrated its 45th anniversary in Singapore. It's a big deal because for a country as young as 58, 45 years is a looooong time. So, to celebrate just how long IKEA has been in Singapore, we took a brand icon that was traditionally short and made it incredibly looooong.

Introducing the long-edition IKEA pencil. Designed specially to celebrate 45 years of IKEA in Singapore. It's sleek, it's bold and it's four times the length of the standard IKEA pencil.

We gave out 1,800 long-edition pencils in all stores across the country. Aptly loooooong queues surrounded every IKEA even before opening hours and the pencils were snapped up in a matter of minutes. It also blew up on social, with the pencil making it onto re-selling platforms. We transformed a simple, iconic product that all IKEA fans know and love, into a keepsake to remember this historic event for many looooong years to come.

Agency: TBWA Singapore
Client: IKEA Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Asheen Naidu
Creative Director: Eirma Webster, Angie Featherstone
Art Director: Su-Lynn Goh

Copywriter: Gwendolyn Gomez