So Good You’ll Think It’s Bad | IKEA Singapore

Meals at IKEA are healthier and more sustainable than fast food meals. Plus, they’re just as delicious. However when people think about healthy meals, they don't immediately think of delicious, mouthwatering meals. That's reserved for the cheat meals and fast food of the world. 

So how can we entice people to try our new range of sustainable and healthy meals?
We draw from the tropes of ads for those “bad” meals. The cheeseburgers, the fries, the ice creams. And borrow from that visual language to create conceptual KVs that at just one glance, look like a fast food ad. It looks so good and taste so good, you’ll think it’s bad.

We launch a new series of IKEA meal packaging that mimicks the visual style of fast food, making them irresistable. We even have fast food drive throughs, which are the quickest path to a deliciously unhealthy meal. So we’ll turn the bistros near our drop-offs into drive throughs outside our stores, that lead you to our happier meals. Changing the way we look at sustainable and healthy meals at IKEA. 

Agency: TBWA Singapore
Client: IKEA Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Asheen Naidu, Perry Esig
Art Director: Su-Lynn Goh
Copywriter: Akanksha Nair